Bonded warehouse

Bonded Warehouse
We have the necessary authorization to take all types of goods into bonded storage

Bonded Warehouse

A bonded warehouse will enable you to keep storage costs down. By placing goods from non-EU countries in bonded storage, customs clearance can take place on export or at the point of use. This eases the financial pressure and simplifies the importing of goods.

Bonded warehouses at Hirtshals Stevedore

Hirtshals Stevedore is authorised to take all types of goods into bonded storage. The well-established storage facilities make Hirtshals Stevedore the obvious choice of bonded warehouse.

We accept: frozen goods, dry goods, machinery, spare parts and much more besides. There are no restrictions.

Using a bonded warehouse as remote store

By leaving your goods in bond with Hirtshals Stevedore, the bonded warehouse can also serve as a remote store. That way, you will gain more space at your own store, providing opportunities for efficient production.

When the goods leave the bonded warehouse at Hirtshals Stevedore, bonded clearance is thorough and correct, preventing subsequent problems.