Hirtshals Stevedore offers a wide range of services

Hirtshals Stevedore can solve all tasks in connection with unloading and loading of ships. We can handle bulk materials, and we also can handle sideport- ships and container ships.

In addition to unloading and loading of ships, we offer container handling, refrigeration / freezing and dry storage, customs warehousing and temporary services for industry. Read more about our many services by clicking on the links below.

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Loading, unloading & dry storage

Hirtshals Stevedore can solve all tasks in connection with unloading and loading of ships. We have the employees who can solve the task quickly and professionally.

Container handling

We can be responsible for unloading and loading containers for ships, as well as cars and trailers. We have trucks and tractors available so we can handle 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot containers.

Refrigeration & freezing storage

Hirtshals Stevedore can offer storage and freight transit of many different types of goods. We have the premises that enable storage and freight transit of even large consignments of goods.

Temporary services for the industry

Hirtshals Stevedore can offer a wide range of temporary services to industry and other companies in North Jutland.

Bonded warehouse

A bonded warehouse makes it possible to keep the cost of stocking down. By placing goods from non-EU COUNTRIES in bonded warehouses, the customs clearance can be done by export or use.

Purchase and sale of pallets

At Hirtshals stevedore, we have for many years offered pallets to a wide range of customers. We offer new as well as used EUR disposable pallets, including both approved and non-approved.

About Hirtshals Stevedore

Hirtshals Stevedore ApS is an offer to the port’s companies.

We handle cargo and unloading expeditions of ships, especially at the Port of Hirtshals. With various unloading equipment such as 18 trucks from 1.5 tons to 60 tons as well as  terminal tractors and m2 10,000 cold store, we are well equipped to serve shipping companies and many other businesses at the port

In addition to the unloading expedition and warehouse, we also rent out temporary workers for unloading containers as well as many other work tasks.

  • We solve all tasks quickly and professionally
  • Our professional staff handles all types of goods
  • We adhere to agreements and deadlines
  • You always get a personal service

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