Purchase and sale of pallets

At Hirtshals Stevedore, we have for many years offered pallets to a wide range of customers. We offer new as well as used EUR disposable pallets, including both approved and non-approved.


We are capable of delivery, regardless of whether the need is a large or a small load of pallets, and we will gladly deliver the pallets to your addres. We cover Hirtshals and the surrounding area, but can also deliver in, for example, Skagen and Frederikshavn, if you wish.

Our customers include the fishing industry and various cold stores. These are customers who make high demands and who do not compromise on quality. Therefore, we are used to provide solutions of very high standard, where both the service, price and delivery is in order. We also believe this is one of the reasons why our customers often choose us again.


Reservations are made for misprints, and the price depends on the quantity and quality

You are always welcome to contact us by phone +45 96560923 or e-mail: uffe@hirtshalsstevedore.dk, if you want to hear more about what we offer.

We are happy to provide a non-binding offer.

60×80EUR-pallets 1/2, used
80×120EUR-pallets A1, used
80×120EUR-pallets B, not approved, used
40×60Disposable pallets, new
60×80Disposable pallets, new
80×120Disposable pallets, used
80×120Disposable pallets, 14-16 mm deck boards, used
80×120Disposable pallets, 16-22 mm deck boards, used
80×130Disposable pallets, used, strong quality
80×140Disposable pallets
80×150Disposable pallets, used, strong quality
80×160Disposable pallets
90×120Disposable pallets,used, 16×100 mm deck boards, heat treated, 9 deck boards
92×120Disposable pallets, used, kraftige
110×110Disposable pallets, strong quality
114×114Disposable pallets, used, CP3
117×127Disposable pallets, 7 deck boards 18×100 mm, used
120×120Disposable pallets, used

Heat-treated pallets:

60×801/2 EUR-pallets, new
80×120EUR-pallets, new
80×120EUR-pallets, used
60×80EUR-pallets, new, 5 stk. deck boards 15×75 mm
80×120Disposable pallets, new, 5 stk. deck boards 15×75 mm
80×120Disposable pallets, used,14-16 mm
96×114Disposable pallets, used once, appear as new
101×121Chipboard pallets, used

Plastic pallets:

80×120Plastic pallets, various
100×120Plastic pallets, various
110×110Plastic pallets, 4-way, for truck only

Pallet frames:

60×80Pallet frames for 1/2-EUR-pallets
60×80Pallet frames, heat treated, used
80×120Pallet frames for EUR-pallets
80×120Pallet frames for EUR-pallets with milling
80×120Pallet frames, heat treated, used