Company profile

In December 2008, the Port of Hirtshals was able to add a new name to the list of companies in the port. On December 1 2008 a new stevedore company arrived at the port.

The company was called Hirtshals Stevedore ApS and was started by Uffe B. S. Nielsen, who previously worked for the shipping company Faroe Ship’s branch in Hirtshals.


– Hirtshals Stevedore ApS is addressing offers to port companies. We handle the cargo and unloading expeditions of ships at the port of Hirtshals in particular. With various unloading equipment such as 18 trucks from 1.5 tonnes to 60 tonnes and terminal tractors and 10.000 m2 refrigerated warehouse, we are well equipped to serve shipping companies, shipping companies and other port companies. In addition to the unloading expedition, we also have the hiring of temporary workers for, among other things, the unloading of containers.

Uffe B. S. Nielsen has purchased the equipment from Faroe Ship and taken over the stevedore at Hirtshals Harbor. Hirtshals Stevedore ApS is not affiliated with any particular company and can therefore service everyone. It is strong for Hirtshals to have a stevedore company that can work with all the brokers at the port, so this is good news, which means a lot to Hirtshals Harbor’s development as a freight hub in Northern Denmark.