Container handling

Hirtshals Stevedore handles all types of containers regardless of size.

We undertake the loading and unloading of containers for ships, and for vehicles and trailers. Fork lifts and tractors are available for handling 20 foot, 40 foot or 45 foot containers.

Moving containers from vehicle to vehicle, vessel to vessel, vessel to vehicle or vice-versa are all tasks undertaken by Hirtshals Stevedore – safely and securely.


Hirtshals Stevedore can also assist you when cargo needs to be repacked in containers or transhipped. Our crew know how to handle containers and their contents quickly and easily.

If a refrigerated container ceases to function, we can quickly move its contents to another container, minimising the risk of loss and waste.

We are at your service, and can handle any container task in little time, at any time of day or night.

Contact Hirtshals Stevedore at +45 96560923 or e-mail: if you have any questions or need more details about container handling.