Cold storage and dry storage

Refrigeration, freezing and dry storage
We have the premises that allow the storage and transit of even large consignments

Refrigeration, freezing and dry storage

Hirtshals Stevedore offers storage and warehousing of a vast array of goods in transit. We have premises that facilitate storage and warehousing of goods in transit, even large consignments.

Our warehouses are well organised, facilitating fast tracking of goods when they have to be forwarded. We provide fast unloading of goods and materials and can dispatch them again just as quickly.

We store goods and materials travelling to or from all parts of Europe. Contact Hirtshals Stevedore if you need warehousing of goods in transit.

We offer Refrigeration, freezing and dry storage

Our warehouses also enable us to store goods and materials requiring refrigeration. Our premises are reliable and are also insured, ensuring that there will not be any losses during storage and warehousing of goods in transit at Hirtshals Stevedore.

We also undertake the storage of steel ingots, machine parts and other goods needing to be protected against the elements. Centrally located at the Port of Hirtshals, we can ensure speedy delivery following discharge.

Contact Hirtshals Stevedore at  +45 96 56 09 23 or e-mail: to learn more about your options for the safe and reliable handling of goods in transit and storage facilities in northern Jutland.